Insight Education | Our Philosophy: “Dream Impossible”
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Our Philosophy: “Dream Impossible”

“Light the lamp within; strive hard to attain wisdom.”

 ~ Buddha

How to make “Impossible”?

What if the journey begins with “Impossible” as the first step towards the realization of the objective? Is it possible for you to break the “barrier” (your circumstances).


No, it is not — if you have self doubts. It is not, if you have a preset evaluation about your capabilities. It is not, if your “I can’t!”, based on past performance, is the indicator for future effort.


When your mind travels from the “Can I do it?” state, to your “I can do it!” state, from doubt to purpose, then opportunities will start being seen as possible, changing your views, adopting new ways — and the results will surprise you to no end. So, launch — believe, seek and strive — beyond your horizons into new waters, a sea change, to conquer unknowns.


“Give the youth a proper environment. Motivate them. Extend them the support they need. Each one of them has infinite source of energy.   They will deliver.”


“When you are living in darkness, why don’t you look for light?”


“Everyone who has achieved exceptional performance has encountered terrible difficulties along the way. There are no exceptions.”

 ~ Geoff Colvin